Indulge Yourself

It has always been my belief that if I have worked hard enough, I can allow myself to indulge in a few guilty pleasures. Sometimes, it’s healthier to let yourself go or at least loosen up a little bit. If it’s shopping you want to do, go for it, but still be reasonable. At least in my case, I do try to be reasonable with where I spend my money on, especially since it’s important for me to give my baby girl a comfortable future.

Having said that, this weekend I ended up buying stuff for myself. Not for my daughter but for me. I guess you can say that I had quite a challenging few days so I think it was okay that I indulged in a bit of shopping delight. :)


How Do You Spend Your Weekends?

It’s a rare occurrence for me to have nothing really planned for the weekend. Normally, there will always be an errand or two, or perhaps things that must be done at home, or even get invited for get-together’s or play dates for Lily. This time, however, I truly have nothing pressing to accomplish whatsoever. Thus, I’ve decided that this weekend, Lily and I are going to stay in and enjoy this peaceful and lazy time at home. To be honest, this is so much better than going to the spa — OK fine, not really — but I get to spend quality time and cuddle with my baby girl so I’m all for it.

To all mothers out there reading this blog entry, try to do “nothing” and be lazy from time to time. These little moments of peace and rest can be very rare so please, take advantage of it. Always love your children. :)

A Bad Case of Writer’s Block

I was planning to post something a few days ago but I really didn’t know what to say. I guess, with the amount of writing that I do at work, my brain cells would be fried by the time I come home. I mean, instead of having a writing diarrhea, I probably have a writing dehydration.

So I thought, I would be better off sharing some of the quotes that have inspired me over the last couple of years of being a single mom. By doing this, I hope that whoever’s going through a tough time may find comfort in these beautiful words.

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M is for Miracle

Hi, it’s me. Perhaps you’re wondering where I’ve been to for the last two years (or maybe not). Well, my daughter, Lily, and I moved to a new city. Like I mentioned in my last post, I had a new job. I’m still working at the same company right now, and Lily just turned three. Basically, all is well in Michaela’s world.

But to be perfectly honest, being a young and single mom, in a new city, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Yet, I’m still here, and I’m finally back to blogging.

P.S. I would have loved to make this entry longer but my daughter’s calling me. She’s getting hungry. ;)

Moving To A New City

Being a young mother is hard work. I’ve got a lot to figure out and at the same time, I also have to be very sure that what I’m doing is something that is right. I’ve got to take care of my family at all times. This is why I’m forced to prioritize my time at all times. I do really love being a mom and I have been blessed again I am now able to be a better mom because I’m offered a better job.

I’ve been offered a writing job in a great company. I’ll be working for their corporate communications department. It’s a very good opportunity to get a good income while doing something that I truly enjoy. Aside from this, I also am able to take care of my baby because the company I’ll be working for has its own day care center. This means I am able to have a job and see to it that my baby is well taken cared of. This is actually the main reason why I am moving cities just for a job.

For a single mom, finding a job that enables me to be both a good mom and earn a good income is very hard. Sometimes you have to prioritize being a mom over your job. But I’m very thankful that I am able to get a good job and still be a good mom. This is the main reason why I am preparing everything to make sure that the move will be successful.

Unfortunately, the main problem I have right now is the fact that I will no longer be able to keep this blog. I want to devote all my time and resources towards actually taking care of my child and making sure that I give my job all my talents. I won’t have time for blogging anymore. Because of this, this blog will now be on hiatus. I won’t be blogging for a while. Maybe I’ll get back to it if I have the opportunity to do so. But regular blogging is no longer on the table.

Me Time

Today I decided to have some time for myself again. It has been awhile and I think I really need a time of. I have been working out and doing a lot of stuff and also taking care of Lily. I think sooner or later, my body is just going to give up on me. That’s why I have to prevent that from ever happening. Again, I am so thankful that Zoe has agreed to babysit Lily. According to her, she doesn’t mind at all because it was a good practice for her when her baby comes soon.

Anyways, I went to the spa today and I even went to have my hair cut. I had my nails done and I was feeling bold so I decided to have my nails done in red polish. I was feeling sexy so why not. ;)

Weight Loss

So I just weighed myself and I am so happy that I lost weight! It’s not much but it’s definitely a start. I am so happy that working out on the treadmill has helped me to achieve this. It was an investment and I am happy that it paid off. I can’t wait to continue working out so that I will be able to lose more of my baby weight.

As I am so happy with this fact, I have to rush off and workout more!

I Don’t Know How She Does It

I actually loved the book “I Don’t Know How She Does It” by Allison Pearson and I was so excited to find out that it’s going to be made into a movie starring my favorite Sarah Jessica Parker. I just saw the trailer and it’s so cute. It reminds me of Sex and the City but whatever. It’s too bad that SJP is kind of just known as Carrie in the hit TV show. However, I don’t really mind and I am looking forward to seeing her again on this book adaptation. Go check it out guys! To watch the trailer, click here.

Lazy With Lily

Today I basically did nothing but play with Lily. If she was asleep, I would also get lazy and read a book. It’s an all around lazy day for me. But that’s ok, it’s Sunday anyway. I can do whatever I want, although I should have gone out and did some errands today.

My day started out with Lily crying of course. After I had taken care of her needs, I made myself some pancakes and had coffee. After that, the day just went on a blur. I didn’t even do much today but I wonder why my day suddenly ended. Hmm, could it be that I enjoyed doing nothing at all? Haha. Now that would be really sad.

Should I Go?

My friend Tasha has been pestering me about going on a date with a guy she knows. She assures me that it won’t be one of those bad first dates since she believes that her friend and I would hit it off. Even if it won’t be for a romantic kind of way, she thinks we could be good friends. Of course, I was very hesitant to say yes because I am really not ready to be in a relationship and Lily is my priority now and not going on dates. But I can see her point on this one. I know that I should start meeting new people right now. It would be good for me, my friends keep telling me. This is true since I have only been with people that I have known for a long time. I can’t exactly remember the last time I had met someone new.

However, I’m still very unsure about whether or not I should go and meet this guy over dinner with Tasha and her boyfriend. What if I won’t know what to do? Gosh, I’m acting like a high school student right now. Anyways, I am going to update you guys whether or not I did go.